Board of Directors/Accomplishments


2017 Installation

Pictured SEATED from left to right are Joanne Ferneau, Treasurer; Mary Lee Lockwood, First Vice President and Membership Chairman; Nancy Mitchell, President; Marilyn Herrndobler, Second Vice President and Program Chairman; and Pat Hogan, Art Director.

STANDING are Barbara Allen International Outreach Director; Denise Hyker, Home Life/Health Director; Carol Meneou, Public Issues Director; Sue Blais, Recording Secretary; Lois McCann, Conservation Director; Nancy Clark Jurek, Education Director; and Pat Caldwell, Corresponding Secretary.




Projects: 25                Members: 123           Hours:   2,768

When I accepted the nomination for the presidency of the Palos Heights Woman’s Club, I decided that it would be in my best interests and the Club if I attended as many meetings as I could so that I would be up to date as to what was happening in the Club on all levels. I feel that has served me well to be on top of all aspects of the Club, as the PHWC is a very active part of our community. As Ex-officio, I have worked with all the committees through Club meetings, Board meetings, special committees, fundraisers and social events.

BOARD AND CLUB MEETINGS: The Board meets in the months of January, February, March, May, August, September, October, November and December. Since my Installation in May, I have appointed Standing Committees and Chairs not covered under the nominating committee. Each elected Board member and Department Chair was given a record sheet to record their volunteer hours and a calendar of events and are asked to submit a monthly newsletter article. A call list was distributed to each Board member so the membership can be made aware of any critical information, such as a reminder of an upcoming fundraiser, change in a meeting, a death or illness of a member or any other pertinent information. We also keep in touch with them through e-mail. The Club meets in the months of February, March, April, May (Installation Dinner), September, October, November and December. A President’s report is given at each Board meeting and Club meeting and a newsletter article is submitted monthly.

BY-LAWS, LEGISLATIVE AND PARLIAMENTARIAN: I appointed a By-Laws and Parliamentarian Chair and work closely with them. Our By-Laws Chair reaches out to the membership through the Newsletter and at meetings. Our Parliamentarian attends all Board and Club meetings to guide us to make the appropriate decisions. We have also reached out to 3rd District if an issue has come up that needs clarification.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: I meet with the Finance Committee to review the budget and supplemental charitable disbursements which are disbursed at year end after Board and General Membership approval.

COMMUNICATION: I pass the information that is sent via e-mails from the GFWC to our Board and members through the Newsletter and monthly meetings. A file is on kept on the Clubwoman, News & Notes, Key Notes, Federation Friday and any other information from GFWC. I have open communication with our Webmaster, Publicity Chair and Newsletter Chair. I feel keeping our members current on information from GFWC keeps them in the loop and makes them informed and better members.

SPECIAL EVENTS AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS: I take an active part in the activities of the Club. I was actively involved in a summer fundraiser “A Day In The Garden” Garden Walk. I worked on the Decorations of the room for the breakfast and also as a docent in one of the gardens. At the Farmer’s Market in July we sold gently used jewelry, which was a fundraiser for our Project. I led our Club in the city’s annual 4th of July parade where we had an old fashion trolley decorated with a banner stating our Club name and the GFWC logo. A New Member party in July was hosted by a member and we gained 5 new members.

In March, one of our members offered to create a Membership Quilt. Members donated $10 to sign a quilt square after which the quilt squares were sewed together and the finished quilt was presented at our first meeting in September. Monies received were donated to a local organization called PAWWS (Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors), as a charitable gift from the PHWC and to our current project, a lighted outdoor LED sign at our local Recreation Center. I also attended Christmastime at the Palos Library; PLOWS Council for Aging Luncheon where we honored a member, Bev Bronowski, for her service to our Club; a scholarship presentation at Moraine Valley Community College; and attended the McCord Art Gallery Black & White event. We held a contest to name our Newsletter and I also was on that committee. One of our members, Hedie Alt is a violinist in the Southwest Symphony and I attended that performance at Trinity College. The Palos Heights Woman’s Club was presented with the 2015 Eugene Simpson Award for Civic Leadership at the Chamber of Commerce dinner on January 29th. Approximately 15 members attended the dinner.

In December we held a Member Appreciation Meeting to thank them for the many hours they spend working on projects for the Club throughout the year. The committee, which I was on, created “Christmas at the Walnut Room” in our Orchard Room in the Palos Recreation Center. Many hours were spent planning and decorating the room to re-create the Walnut Room. Over 100 members attended as well as Third District President and State President. Also in December, we held our annual Housewalk entitled “Holiday Elegance”. Many hours were spent attending meetings, getting raffle prizes, acquiring houses and helping to set up the Palos Country Club for our Breakfast and wishing Merry Christmas to so many friends. My home was on the Housewalk this year.

GFWC THIRD DISTRICT MEETINGS AND CONVENTION: I attended the Annual Convention in Springfield with our past-president, Rose Zubik. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days at Convention and brought back many ideas to share with our Department Chairs and members. I especially liked the idea of starting each meeting with a quote or message for the members and have started to do this at our board and club meetings. It was a pleasure meeting and interacting with the members of 3rd District and State. I attended, along with 6 Club members, the Summer Workshop in Lisle. In October, the PHWC hosted the 3rd District Fall meeting and we had 8 members in attendance, which was extremely informative, especially for Annual Reporting.

                                                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted,  Nancy Mitchell, President



Members Participating: 85             Monies Raised: $420

Number of Hours: 1080                         No. of Projects: 15

DEPARTMENT CHAIR: As Art Department Chair I attended Club and Board meetings as well as meetings with my Art Department committee to coordinate numerous special events which we promoted through our Club Newsletter, flyers, articles in the local newspaper as well as on our website and Facebook page. I am responsible for preparing a monthly newsletter article and keeping the membership advised of upcoming cultural and special events of interest to the membership. I worked with my committee and together we prepared and submitted an Annual Report.

1 Member Participating   No. of Hours: 85

BREAKFAST AND A MOVIE:   On January 29th approximately 15 members met at the Original Pancake House in Orland Park for breakfast after which they went to Marcus Cinema for a movie of their choice.

15 Members Participated   No. of Hours: 76

PHWC MEMBERSHIP QUILT: The Art Department continued selling quilt square to members. Monies raised from this fundraiser will be used to fund one of the philanthropic organizations the Club supports.

Monies Raised: $360     39 Members participating   No. of Hours:   12

MCCORD BLACK AND WHITE: Approximately 12 Members met for dinner at Midlothian Country Club to support McCord Gallery and Cultural Center in Palos Park at their annual Black and White Fundraiser.

12 Members Participated   No. of Hours: 60

PIANO ARTISTRY OF ALAN GRESIKPerformed at the Members Appreciation meeting and enjoyed Christmas music.

101 Members Participated                                                                               No. of Hours: 303

CONCERT AT THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK – On July 14, a beautiful evening under the stars, our committee provided music, friendship and food to members and guests at Memorial Park in Palos Heights. A group of local young men performed a concert in the Gazebo, which was donated to the City of Palos Heights by the Palos Heights Woman’s Club. This evening celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Gazebo.

Members participating: 35                         No. of Hours: 145

SOUTHWEST SYMPHONY – On November 13, 20 members gathered at Trinity Christian College to enjoy the beautiful music performed by The Southwest Symphony with World Renowned Bass Samuel Ramey.

Members participating: 20                         No. of Hours: 80

MORAINE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE FINE & PERFORMING ARTS CENTER – On October 8, at the Dorothy Menker Theater, 37 members enjoyed music from the Great American Songbook performed by the Moraine Corale and Chamber Singers. Prior to the concert, members and friends visited the Robert E. DeCaprio Art Gallery to view the Kate Shannon Exhibit of digitally manipulated photographs.

Members participating: 37         No. of Hours: 150

PENNIES FOR THE ARTS – A cute pink polka-dotted piggy bank was passed around at two club meetings and $60 was collected for the GFWC Art Contest.

Members participating: 40                         No. of Hours: 4

COSTUME DIRECTOR OF THE LYRIC OPERA – MAUREEN RILEY – Maureen Reilly, Costume Director of the Lyric Opera will presented at our November club meeting. Maureen attended Eastern Illinois where she received a degree in theater with an art minor. Her graduate work was done at Northern where she studied Costume Design. Maureen has been with the Lyric for 28 years and Costume Director since 2000. She and her husband live in Palos Park.

Members participating: 55                         No. of Hours: 165

Respectfully submitted, Pat Hogan, Art Department Chair



No. of Members Participating: 3   Members Hours: 875     Number of Projects: 44

Online Communication Tools: Website, Facebook, and Email Notifications and

The Palos Heights Woman’s Club (PHWC) utilizes several online tools to inform its membership and to educate local and global communities: its website, Facebook page, and emailing.

ONLINE TOOL: WEBSITE – The PHWC’s established website is informative, well organized, and frequently updated. The home page contains the President’s Motto, an image of our Club’s seal, states we are a recognized charitable organization 501 (c)(3) and that we have been in existence since 1938. It also distinctly states our Affiliations with GFWC and Illinois Federations of Women’s Club, Third District and depicts the current year’s Board of Directors, a calendar of Club meeting dates and times and contains links to scheduled events and projects, Chairs and Standing Committee Members and a historical timeline of the club from its inception in 1938 to date. Our website also contains information about our charitable disbursements, membership application, copies of monthly newsletters, photos from club meetings and events, plus other important and pertinent information on club events and activities. The website’s header is changed frequently to reflect the seasons and the President’s Motto, “It’s Time to Bloom!”

ONLINE TOOL: FACEBOOK PAGE – The PHWC’S Facebook Page is used to advertise social and fundraising events as well as exhibit photos from our events. The webmaster routinely adds photos within minutes of the events. Members who were unable to attend, can still share in the fun and excitement they missed by accessing Facebook or the direct newsfeed link to Facebook found on our website.   The webmaster is emailed articles that are sent to local newspapers, so that she can add this information to our Facebook page before it is printed.

ONLINE TOOL: EMAILING – Even though the Club has a newsletter, the PHWC membership is also kept abreast of upcoming or unexpected changes or events through emailing 12 months of the year, such as, information about a member’s health status, flyers from sister organizations, death of a member or family member, any changes to the newsletter, etc. This is especially important during the months the Club does not meet.

OFFLINE COMMUNICATION: NEWSLETTER: The Mirror – This year the PHWC held a contest to rename its newsletter. The title, The Mirror, was chosen to symbolize the reflection of light on our accomplishments. The winner was given two tickets to the Club’s Christmas House Walk.

The Newsletter Editor and Circulation Department work together to either mail or email a monthly newsletter to its members at least 10 days before our meetings and our donations to the local library are printed in their newsletter. The newsletter contains articles from each Department Director and sometimes from Chairs and Standing Committee Members advising the Club what projects the individual Departments are working on, asking for volunteers when necessary, or defining our goals and accomplishments. The newsletter is a wealth of information as it contains a calendar of upcoming events and application forms or informational flyers for upcoming events.

The Regional Newspaper – Our local newspaper has been very supportive of our club and never hesitates to help us promote our many events. Each week there is an article about the Club in the Regional, many times with photos and in color. Thank you letters are sent to the editor after each fund raising event and our homemade cookies are brought to their office in December as an additional Thank You.

Southtown/Star; Worth Reporter; Chicago Triblocal – In addition to our local newspaper we also send new releases to Southtown/Star, Worth Reporter and Chicago Triblocal promoting our club meetings in our efforts to recruit new members as well as social and fund raising events that are held throughout the year. The releases are also emailed to our local community Channel 4 in Palos Heights and Channel 6 in neighboring Palos Park, The Chamber of Commerce, the City of Palos Heights and the Oak Hills Country Club to be shown on their cable stations, newsletters or websites.

Important Events in 2016 – Events that were promoted in 2016 were our seven general meetings, Mayor for a Day Contest for 8th graders; Annual Installation Dinner in May; New Members Event in June; Farmers Market in July; and Annual Blood Drive in August. Our Ways & Means Projects were a Rummage Sale in March; Annual Flower Sale in May; Garden Walk in June; and Christmas House Walk in December. We also participated in the Carson Community Day Event and wore our club shirts when we were selling coupon books at the store. The Rummage Sale, Garden Walk and Carson Days events raised funds for our current project, an LED sign for our Recreation Center. We also had articles with photos promoting our Book Club at the local library, our social events and our Past Presidents Dinner which was held in the fall.

Additional Publicity Activities – Posters and flyers are placed in local store windows, the local library, City Hall, Palos Heights, Palos Park and Worth train stations, Lake Katherine Clubhouse and Recreation Center for all our fundraising events and information is on the marquees of our 2 fire stations, city hall and recreation center. Several Local churches promote our events in their weekly bulletins. All of our flyers, articles, photos, etc. are kept in our club scrapbook.

Administration: The Newsletter Editor, Publicity and Webmaster attend club meetings and several board meetings to keep the membership up to date on relevant information. Publicity Chair attends fundraising committee meetings and occasionally submits articles for monthly newsletter. Publicity Chair, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor compiled information for Annual Report.

                                                            Respectfully submitted, Eileen Lunter, Publicity Chair, Patricia Bailey, Webmaster, and Rose Zubik, Newsletter Editor


Total Number of Hours: 955   Members Participating: 79   Number of Projects: 22

Donations to charitable groups: $3,958.11  In Kind Donations: $2,725

Monies Collected: $8,457.17     Expenses: ($4,729.06)

Beautification – Annual Flower Sale: Our annual flower sale was held in May. The planning started in January and continued thru day of event. The Committee met several times to plan the details of the sale which included designing the order form, meetings and telephone calls with the flower supplier, preparing posters and flyers for distribution to local businesses, writing articles to the local newspaper, as well as coordinating man power and community service assistance for day of the sale. During the months leading up to the sale day the committee finalized the flower sale order forms to submit to the nursery providing the flowers. The day of the sale we had many volunteers, both from the Woman’s Club and a local high school. The Flower Supplier graciously suggested giving the special coupons which allowed The Club to received 20% rebate on all sales from shoppers who brought the coupon with them. This allowed us to extend our flower sale thru June 15. The Club had a profit of $2,664.63

Members participating: 84   Hrs. 225

Special Fundraising Project: We had our “Bargain Seekers Event” on March 19th, 2016 at the Palos Heights Recreation Center from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Our Committee collected donated clothes and household items which we sorted, priced and boxed to be transported to the Palos Heights Recreation Center on March 18. What we did not sell was donated to the Palos Heights Library, Neat Repeats (resale shop for the Women’s Crisis Center) Pass It On (helps local schools). Proceeds went to our Project fund for our Community’s new Recreation Center’s sign.

In-Kind Donations: $2,500 – Monies Raised: $1,125 Expense: 61.52

Net Profit: 1,063.48   Member Participating: 70   Hrs. 375

Resource Conservation:       Many recycling ideas were shared this year. As in the past we collected batteries and have a magazine exchange. Members can bring in their magazines to share with other members. We have also partnered with the Lions Club. We have been collecting hearing aids & supplies, ink cartridges, cell phones & eyeglasses and cases. Members were notified of any recycling projects going on, such as shredding events, ComEd Smart Ideas-recycling old refrigerators, how to get rid of old paint cans, and donating old towels/rags to Animal Cruelty and different recycling tips were always included in the monthly newsletter. We also were collecting wine corks for

Member Participating: 1     Hrs. 75

Paver Bricks – Ongoing project: In 1994 the Palos Heights Woman’s Club had a vision of building a Gazebo in one of our lovely parks. That vision became a reality in 1997. Since that time, each year, members and citizens have purchased paver bricks to surround the Gazebo in dedication to loved ones or special events in their lives.  

Members Participating: 1   Hrs. 5

Additional Charitable Donations:

Lake Katherine,                     $100
Adopt-A-Pot –                              80
Shawnee National Forest. –    50
TOTAL: $230

Director: As Director I attended nine regular club meetings; ten board meetings; special committee meetings. I worked with my committee members to review and prepare the Conservation Annual Report. Monthly newsletter articles were submitted as well as research on conservation tips to share with the membership. The conservation director attended the Third District Annual Luncheon in April where we were recognized with the Conservation Award.

Member Participating: 1     Hrs. 275

Respectfully submitted,  Joanne Ferneau, Conservation Chair



Total No. of Hours:   534     Members Participating:   87     No. of Projects: 26

In Kind Donations: $220.25                                               Monies Donated: $6,810 

The Education Department of the PHWC continues to fund a number of local scholarships, support our local library and its programs, and further community literacy and education.

Scholarship Activities: Moraine Community College Returning Woman Scholarship. GFWC encourages Education Community Service Projects and stated the objective is to ”assist in the goal to improve others through Higher Education”. PHWC continues to present a $1,000.00 scholarship to a woman returning to school to further her education with this local partnership. The club also approved a second MVCC Returning Woman’s Scholarship which will be awarded in 2017 and replaces the Fine Arts High School Scholarship Program.

               Project: 1 Donation: $1,000.00 Members: 3 Hours 15

PHWC awarded 4 Academic Scholarships in 2016. This scholarship of $1,000.00 each was presented to Four (4) high school seniors attending local high school districts #218 and #230. A member of the Education Department presented these awards at Honors Night.

               Projects: 4 Donation: $4,000.00 Members:2 Hours Planning: 25

One (1) HOBY Illinois Leadership Seminar award of $175.00 was presented to a sophomore student at Shepard High School to attend a 3 day summer leadership workshop. When Club Officers and Directors attended the GFWC Summer Workshop, the student PHWC sponsored was one of the speakers.

               Project: 1 Donation: $175.00 Members: 8 Hours: 5

Additionally, to support GFWC’s Success for Survivor’s Scholarship, information was sent to the Crisis Center for South Suburbia to give to appropriate women.                Project: 1; Member:1; Hours:1

Literacy/Tutoring Programs: Members are encouraged to “Bring A Book, Take a Book” Program in 2016. As of 12/31/16, 80 hardcover books valued $80.00 and 275 paperback books valued at $65.25 were donated for the Friends of the Library book sale at the Palos Heights Public Library. The program will continue in 2017.

               Project: 1; Members: 20; In-Kind Donations: $145.25; Hours: 25

Members meet 4 times per year for a Book Review discussion with local authors and/or educators on a variety of topics. Each participant donated $20.00. Speakers were presented with a small stipend. A picture of our first speaker, Mary E Matury Gibson donating her stipend to the Palos Heights Library is attached.

               Project: 4; Members: 13; Hours: 100 (includes planning) Donations:         $260.00; In-Kind Donation: $50.00

A continuing program, BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION is on-going with 10 members turning in box tops for the local school. We have collected 250 box tops worth $25.00 for school supplies.

               Project: 1; Members: 10; Hours: 5 In-Kind Donation: $25.00;

Lake Katherine Educational Materials: The Education Department donated $100.00 to Lake Katherine For Educational Materials for their children’s programs in honor of Lake Katherine’s 25th Anniversary.

               Project: 1; Members: 3 Hours: 3 Donation: $100.00

Library Activities: Since assisting in the founding of the library in 1939, the PHWC has continued to actively support its programs and activities. This year we donated 5 Memorial Books honoring deceased members or immediate family members. Recognizing ongoing needs of the library, the club donated $200.00 to be used at the discretion of the library staff. The Education Department features pertinent Library Activities in the monthly Newsletters to encourage members to take advantage of the many programs available. Several club members serve as “Friends of the Library: to assist at book sales and other library events.

               Project: 4; Members: 17; Hours: 25; Donations: $650

PHWC members continue in a partnership with District #118 with a twelve (12) week Reading/Tutoring program with kindergarten and first grade students from February to April. Teachers, Reading Coordinator and the volunteers at the school provided positive feedback.

               Project: 1; Members: 7 Hours: 240;

The club donated to Additional Local Educational Programs, further supporting educational needs in the schools and community. Included in 2016:

Bethshan:                                          $200.00
Channel 11 WTTW                          $150.00
Elim Christian School                     $200.00
Envision Autism                              $100.00
Sertoma                                             $200.00
Southwest Special Recreation       $100.00

               Project 1: Member: 7; Hours: 5

               Donations: Total Additional Philanthropies: $950.00

Additional Education Department Activities: Monthly Newsletter Articles are written for the members to be informed. Hours: [Hrs. 10]; Phone Calls/emails to club members regarding Education Dept. [Hrs. 15]; Attendance & Participation at Board Meetings (Hrs. 25), Club Meetings (Hrs. 20); Committee Meetings (Hrs. 10); Annual Record Keeping and Preparation of Annual Report [Hrs. 5]

               Project: 5 – Member Participating: 1            Total Additional Hours:   85

                                                            Respectfully submitted,Mary Lee Lockwood and Marilyn Herrndobler


Home Life/Health

Number of Projects: 15   Total Number of Hours: 1,235   Members Participating: 105

In Kind Donations: $4,368.   Monies Donated: $2,242

This is my second year as Chair of the Home Life committee and my personal goals continue to be to help inspire and encourage as many club members as possible to join in our effort in Home Life concerns for Senior Citizens and Youth while enriching spiritual values. In addition, the area of Health issues were addressed by a supportive team that have benefited our community and club members as well. As chair I attended club meetings, monthly board meetings, department meetings and prepare a monthly newsletter article and preparation of Annual Report. Our members have not only been generous with their jewelry, their time, their inspirational thoughts and talents but they have also been generous with the many donations that were made in support of Home Life efforts totaling $2,242 this past year! It is my hope that we continue to build upon the good works we have accomplished in Home Life this past year while inspiring & supporting our fellow members and community alike

SWADDLE (Southwest Area Diaper Depository for Little Ends) – The year started out with our committee sponsoring a three month long Diaper Drive project to help collect 2,500 diapers for a non-profit diaper bank in Palos. At our Feb. meeting Kathy Rogers, president and founder of SWADDLE spoke and explained their mission: To help supply diapers for little ones in need.” We also learned that Link cards and food stamps cannot be used to buy diapers so this is a real need many of us were unaware of. Our Club rose to the challenge and donated a total of 2,539 diapers (plus 57 packages of wipes)! (See SWADDLE flyers and newspaper article attached)

Farmers Market “Gently Used Jewelry” – Gently used Jewelry was donated throughout the year by our many club members and organized for this event. We collected over 500 pieces of jewelry and raised $293. One of our was familiar with an organization FCHN (feed, clothe, help ,the needy.)  A woman who grew up in the South as a child was in a deprived  family, most of the time with little food  and minimal clothing. She vowed that she would find the poorest neighborhood and work to give comfort to the needy and very poorest people.  She chose Chicago and found Englewood the most deprived and economically challenged neighborhood in Chicago. The PHWC Hospitality Committee hosted a Member’s Appreciation Candlelight Tea on December 6th. Monies raised from the Jewelry sale was used to create eleven delightful centerpieces consisting of Hats, Scarves and Mittens, plus 55 sets of mittens. Committee members shopped for the hat, scarves and mitten sets, the additional mitten sets and created each individual centerpiece. The centerpieces were then packaged and given at the FCHN  gathering of people on Christmas Day.

Annual Blood Drive – In September, we helped to support the Heartland Blood Center by volunteering to aid them in our annual Blood Drive which was held at the Palos Firehouse this year. We also partnered with Diane’s place and offered a FREE Ice Cream cone to every person that came out to donate blood. They also received a free t-shirt from Heartland. Our logo was “Be an All American, Be a Blood Donor”. In total we had 35 donors come out that day, which was 25 units of blood which will be used to help fill the needs of area hospitals. Heartland helps to serve 65 hospitals in a 12 county area in Illinois. (photos & newspaper articles attached)

“TLC” (Tender Loving Care) – Addressing another health related need is the TLC (Tender Loving Care) program that was launched last year. We help fellow elderly members that may find themselves facing new life challenges. We help them with transportation, groceries, mail or just a friendly conversation. We are available to lend a helping hand to any member. (See attached flyer)

Inspiration Readers: To kick off every monthly club meeting we have an inspirational reading from one of our club members. Each month a member addresses the club with their thoughts on what they find inspiring. Sometimes it’s a poem, sometimes it’s a shared life event, sometimes it’s a quote, but it’s always something new and thought provoking!

Crisis Center of South Suburbia – We continue to collect toiletries & personal care products for the Crisis Center of South Suburbia which provides emergency shelter & services for individuals & families victimized by domestic violence. A Donation Drive was held in October, and committee member Marie Kaminski delivered over $500 worth of “Immediate Need” items just in time for the holidays. They were very grateful for the donations and very appreciative of the generosity of our club members.

Mt. Greenwood Special Recreation Association – Wreath Sale: In October, Christmas Wreaths were offered to club members for purchase by the Mt. Greenwood Special Recreational Association which helps to support both adults and children with special needs. Club member Pat Caldwell headed this project and collected orders for 65 wreaths this year. A portion of each wreath sale goes towards this effort.

Pinwheels for Prevention – The Palos Heights Woman’s Club supported this worthy cause by purchasing a sign and pinwheels which were “planted” at the site of the proposed new outdoor LED lighted sign at the Palos Heights Recreation Center where community families bring their children for both fun and educational programs.

                                            Respectfully submitted,   Denise Hyker, Home Life/Health Chair





Monies Spent: $1,749.89   In-Kind Donations: $868.75


Yearbook- Annual Directory

The Yearbook is updated each year and provides contact information, meeting information, and important dates. This guidebook for each member included the by-laws, duties and responsibilities for officers, department directors and members, a calendar of meeting and member directory. This published book is produced and delivered to each member. Many hours were filled with phone calls, emails etc. to corroborate details for the book utilizing spreadsheets of member data and proofreading of the drafts of the Yearbook.

Project: 1     Members: 15          Hours:   135                Dollars Spent: $585.00

Installation of Officers

The Club held our annual Installation of members in May for the new president, First Vice President, and Recording Secretary, along with the six Department Directors. It was held at a local restaurant with members paying for the meal and had a great turn-out of 55 members.

Project: 1     Members:   55            Hours: 150       Dollars Spent: $350.00

New Member Outreach

The past year has been busy for the Palos Heights Woman’s Club. We are fortunate to have a dedicated membership and the largest GFWC group in the Third District. Still, we, like many other clubs, are affected by the aging of our membership and a predominance of working women among those younger members. We are down slightly to 137 members from our 2015 membership of 143. We were fortunate to retain 12 of the 17 members who joined in 2015, install 3 new members and have 2 returning past members. While Recruitment takes place all year, information about the club was available at the May Flower Sale, Summer Farmer’s Market and through word of mouth from members. Thirteen potential members were contacted by phone, mail & email, with three new members joining. With the many demands on families today, ways to engage and involve new members continues to be a need. In July, a salad and dessert bar was held at the home of a member to invite potential new members. We need to continue member outreach through our word press webpage, Facebook, the Regional (our local paper), and word of mouth.

Project: 1     Members:   35                  Hours: 105               Dollars Spent: $195.00


General Membership (Dues, meetings, attendance, phone, Email, newsletter)

The Membership committee continues to greet each member and take attendance as members arrive. This year attendance taking was updated to have attendance sheets for members to check rather than signing in as it provides a visual record of attendance and a way of seeing who are regularly attending meetings and reducing the wait to sign in. A monthly report is given for the Newsletter to encourage attendance and participation in events, reaching out to new members and referrals of potential members.

Project: 1            Members: 3                                      Hours:   75

Installation of New Members/Service Awards

Our October meeting was the Installation of new members and presentation of services awards. Three New Members were installed, two returning members noted, and 24 current members received Service Awards. Of special note are the 2 members who received 50 Year Membership Awards. Small gifts and certificates were presented to new members and the 24 Service Awards Members.

Of special note is the 50 year GFWC recognition presented at our December meeting by Third District President Annette Andretich-Gross and Il GFWC President Phyllis Skubic at the December 6, PHWC Club Meeting & Member Appreciation Night.

Project: 1 Members:      58          Hours: 140                         Dollars Spent: $220.00


Membership Appreciation December Meeting-Walnut Room comes to PHWC

On July 1, 2017 the December Hospitality Chairs met and the idea of a members appreciation night was formed. The first Membership Appreciation Event, with the theme of the Historic Marshall Fields Walnut Room, with Board approval, evolved over the next 23 weeks.  Daily and weekly conversations took place by email and phone.  Monthly, Bi Monthly and Weekly Meetings took place to develop all aspects of this original multi faceted event.  Members were encouraged to “loan” their personal Marshall Fields/Walnut Room memorabilia to the committee to make the recreation as authentic as possible. The 3 Chairs were dedicated to recreating the Walnut Room of Marshall Fields for our members to celebrate the Christmas Holidays of their youth.  Three members submitted their childhood photos at the Walnut Room for a “Guess the Member” contest. To encourage members to participate details of the event were published in our monthly newsletter.

Many challenges were faced and the first was money and sponsors that would and did supply needed funds for this unique Social Event. There was no budget allocated by PHWC for this Social Event so local Corporations were solicited for donations and products.

The 3 Chairs and President met with the Vice President of Marketing at the Walnut Room next to the Great Tree for lunch and experienced the Fairy Princesses dusting us with Fairy Dust making our Christmas Wishes.  They agreed the Princesses would be added to our event along with a Great Tree in the center of the Orchard Banquet Room in the Palos Heights Recreation Center.

Of special note is the response of over 100 of our 137 members RSVP’d! The room, music, food made for a truly enjoyable evening with both the Third District and GFWC Il Presidents in attendance. In addition, the members supported The Make A Wish Foundation by signing Dear Santa postcards which were then dropped off at the Macy’s Department Store in downtown Chicago, Illinois. At the conclusion of the evening 20 door prizes were given out.

Project 1: Members 100   Hours: 1,270 Dollars Spent:    $399.89

                                                                          In-Kind Donations:   $868.75

        Respectfully submitted, Mary Lee Lockwood, First Vice-President/Membership


The Palos Heights Woman’s Club recently held their New Member Installation and Service Awards Night. Three new members, Michelle Horist, Jeanne Krapauskas and Tracey Shumard were installed during a candlelight ceremony. Two past club members, Susan Shields and Clara Van Howe are returning to the club.

Twenty-Four, (24). current members received service awards for 5(8), 10 (4), 20 (2), 30 (1), 35 (3), 40 (2) and 405 (2) year club memberships. Two members received a 50 year award, Marianne Orr and Carol Coners. The club now has six (6)members who have been in the club for 50 years or more.

The club is a member of the Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and was founded in 1938.



`Total Hours: 367                        Members Participation 120                 No. of Projects: 22

Dollars Donated, $2,199.46             In-Kind Donations, $1,510.00



MANTENO VETERANS HOME (MVH), MANTENO, IL. PHWC members voted to make a monetary donation of $325.00 to MVH, a continuing project. Sixty-five veterans most in need were selected by staff to receive a $5.00 gift. Thank You cards for veterans’ service were also written and sent with the donations, which were delivered by Public Issues Director. As part of “Make a Difference Day”, club members made 26 (16 fleece, 10 knitted) lap robes for residents of Manteno Veterans home. Additionally, 79 pairs of white tube socks were collected to be sent to veterans.

Projects: 4; Members Participating: 50; Hours: 60;

Dollars Donated: $425.00;   In-kind donations: $230.00

MEMORIAL DAY AND VETERANS DAY VILLAGE COMMEMORATION CEREMONIES Six (6) members attended City Ceremonies honoring veterans on their dedicated holidays.

Projects: 2; Members: 6; Hours: 18

HONOR FLIGHT CHICAGO: This organization, through private donations, honors and transports WWII veterans from Apr.-Oct. to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials. 110 “Thank You” cards were sent by club members twice during the summer. Several club members attended the return home from the honor flight, honoring the veterans as they came off the plane.

Project: 3; Members: 110; Hours: 50


NEW PROJECT – WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA: A new project was added to Public Issues this year. Donations of $325 was collected at 2 meetings for Wreaths across America. This is a National Organization and a ceremony was held on December 17, 2016 at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois.

Project: 1; Members 60; Hours: 15; In-Kind Donations: $325.00

MAYOR-FOR-A-DAY: This is an on-going Citizenship Program initiated by a long standing PHWC member focusing on 8th graders in Palos Heights’ schools. Students are invited to write a 300 word essay on what they would do to improve the City if they were Mayor. Local 8th grade students participated with twelve (12) students’ essays being selected. Winning students read their essays aloud at a community meeting and participated in a mock City Hall meeting by taking the part of elected officials, e.g. Mayor and Alderman. The students, their parents, and committee members attended a dinner hosted by the city with the students receiving engraved plaques donated by the PHWC.

Project 2; Members: 7; Hours: 54; Dollars Donated: $383.13; In-Kind Donation: $300.00;

SALVATION ARMY DONUT DAY: PHWC regularly participates in this worthy fund raiser. Contacts were made with the Regional Salvation Army Office and with staff personnel from the local office. Three (3) members participated, two hours each collecting money for the cause; $436.33 was collected at 1 site for one day.

Project, 1; Members, 3; Hours:20; Dollars Donated: 436.33

4TH OF JULY COMMUNITY PARADE: PHWC members participate yearly in this community citizenship event honoring our country. Two (2) members were involved with the City parade planning committee; twenty-eight (28) other members rode in a trolley and several cars, dispersing candy to parade viewers. This year, the Committee Director was involved with letters, phone contacts and emails with the trolley sponsor as well as with phone and email contacts with the trolley company regarding availability and trolley contract. Money for the candy was donated and the club purchased a new Banner that was used for the parade, flower sale and Farmer’s Market advertising the club in the community.

Projects: 3; Members Participating: 30; Hours: 75;

Dollars Spent: $155.00; In-Kind Donation: $655.00;



Crisis Center for South Suburbia                                                $200.00
Independence Jr. High #128 Character Development            $200.00
Operation Snowball Stagg High School #230                            $200.00
Salvation Army                                                                              $200.00



Additional Public Issues Department Activities:

Prepare monthly Newsletters articles. Attend Public Issues Committee Meeting, Phone Calls/emails to Committee Members and Prep time prior to meetings.   Attendance & Participation at Board Meetings and General Meetings. Prepare GFWC 2015 annual report,

Project :6; Member: 1; Additional Hours: 75

Respectfully submitted, Carol Meneou, Home Life Director and Committee



Total Number of Hours: 5,171      Members Participating: 133   # of Projects:   27

Monies Raised:   $28,171     In Kind Donations: $6,810         Expenses: $5,472.92


HOLIDAY ELEGANCE CHRISTMAS HOUSEWALK: Our annual Christmas Housewalk is the main fundraiser of the Club, of which 230 tickets were sold. Guests and members enjoy a hot brunch at a local country club after which they mingle, shop at the boutique featuring 25 vendors and are given the opportunity to purchase pre-packaged cookies made by the members of the Club. We then proceed with a tour of 5 lovely homes decorated for the holidays. This fund raiser is dependent on participation from the entire club by either chairing or volunteering as a committee member, baking cookies, donating items for raffle baskets, soliciting gift certificates, placing flyers in shop windows or attending the event.   The housewalk committee consists of the chair, and her committee: home solicitation, publicity, raffle baskets, win-win raffle baskets, home comforts, guides, cookie sales, ticket sales, ticket design and descriptions, floral arrangements and vendor and boutique. As you can see from the attachments, a lot of thought and planning goes into this event beginning with a letter to Homeowners inviting them to participate and explaining in detail the procedures involved, Save the Date postcards are sent to non-members and past participants. Flyers are posted throughout town and at local recreation center, train stations, library and City Hall. Members soliciting gift cards and gift certificates provide donation letters to businesses and those businesses are reflected on a thank you list displayed throughout venue. The vendor chair provides an application for boutique participants, tickets are sold and breakfast tickets are handed out at registration together with a brochure with a map and descriptions of the homes and raffle baskets.

5 homes were solicited and approximately 70 members volunteered to be guides at the homes. Floral arrangements were donated by local florists and given to each homeowner along with 2 complimentary tickets and a special thank you gift. Road signs are displayed and ribbons attached to mailboxes to assist guests in locating homes. 16 themed gift baskets were raffled off at the close of the brunch. In addition, this year featured a Super Raffle the prizes consisted of A Vegas Trip; White Sox themed basket with 4 tickets; and a basket containing approximately 30 gift certificates for local area venues, golf courses and restaurants. We continue to provide the ever popular “Win-Win” raffle in which envelopes containing gift certificates and/or gift cards or other bonus items valued at $25 or more were available for purchase for $20. An afterglow celebration was held at a local restaurant. The Chair and committee met afterwards to discuss any proposed changes or modifications for next year. The funds raised are used to fund scholarships and charitable organizations that our Club supports.

Committee (meetings, emails, calls, etc.) 10 members 210 hrs;
Publicity 5 members 45 hrs;
Raffle Baskets and Win/Win 85 members 385 hrs;
Home Procurement and Guides 78 members 245 hrs;
Venue (set-up, menu, etc.) 3 members 260 hrs;
Afterglow attendance 30 members 115 hrs;
Win/Win Gift Certificate Procurement: 35 members hrs. 120;
Boutique/vendors 3 members 125 hrs;
Floral Arrangements 1 member 10 hrs;
Ticket Sales, attendance, Designs/flyers 117 members 1120 hrs;
Cookie Sale 72 members 378 hrs;
Total hrs.: 3013


In Kind Donations Received from Basket Raffle, Win/Win Raffle, flowers: $5,235

Total Cash Monies Received from Ticket Sales, Raffles, Cookie and Vendors: $17,461          

Event Expenses (venue, food, gifts) ($4,204);                         Profit: $13,257                      








Continue reading to learn more about what the
Palos Heights Woman’s Club has recently accomplished.

2014 – 2015 Year End Department Accomplishments


  • Members and friends gathered at a local restaurant to enjoy The Art of Conversation. After a delicious breakfast members proceeded to the theater to see the movie of their choice and appreciate the Art of the movies in the Community.
  • Chicago Spring Tour: Members and invited guests with a knowledgeable Step on Guide toured the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, Holy Family Catholic Church and Bahi’a Temple.
  • McCord “Meet Bertha Palmer Tea”: Members attended a Tea featuring a portrayal of Bertha Palmer, a collector of the Impressionist Artists.
  • Art for Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraiser: Two members attended this event which featured Artisans wares including easel art, water colors, oil tiles and chalk drawings and many other forms of art. 
  • Supporting Programs and Arts in the Community: Attached as a supplement to the PHWC Newsletter. It lists many opportunities in and around the community to celebrate an essential element of education and art. 
  • Monet and Merlot: PHWC Fall event which was held to increase awareness of members to the actual enjoyment of painting a picture. Members enjoyed appetizers, wine and soft drinks. The picture they painted was San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight by Claude Monet. 
  • Sculptural Art Tour of Palos Heights: Members were given a tour around Palos Heights to learn about the pieces of sculptural art endowed from Dr. Joseph Shanahan of Burr Ridge. The public art tour was led by tour guide Maria DeCaprio Sunta. After the tour the group dined at a restaurant in town to support our local businesses and discuss the many sculptures they had seen.


  • The Palos Heights Woman’s Club has a great relationship with our local newspaper. They are very supportive of our Club and never hesitate to help us promote our events. An article about the club has been featured almost weekly in the Palos Regional, many times with photos and sometimes in color.
  • News releases are prepared and submitted to The Palos Regional, The Southtown/Star and The Chicago Triblocal to promote our many social and fund raising events. The releases are also emailed to our local community Channel 4 in Palos Heights, the Palos Patch website and Channel 6 in Palos Park to be shown on their cable stations or websites. Such events include Mayor for a Day Contest for 8th Graders in March, Annual Installation Dinner in May, New Members Event in June, Farmer’s Market in July and Annual Blood Drive in August. We have also promoted our Ways & Means Projects such as our annual Flower Sale in May and our major fundraiser the Christmas Housewalk in December. In addition, our social events are also publicized.
  • For each fund raising event, posters and flyers are placed in store windows, the local library, city hall, train stations in both Palos Heights and Palos Park, Lake Katherine Clubhouse and the recreation department. Information is also displayed on marquees at City Hall, The Recreation Department and 2 local fire stations. 5 local churches promote our events in their weekly bulletins. A club scrapbook is kept and contains all the newspaper articles, newsletters, photos and flyers for our social and fund raising events.
  • The Newsletter Editor and Circulation Department work together to either mail or email a monthly newsletter to our members. The newsletter is a wealth of information as it contains a calendar of upcoming events and application forms or informational flyers for upcoming events.
  • Our website contains information about our charitable disbursements, membership application, copies of monthly newsletters, photos, calendar of events plus other important and pertinent information on club events and activities.
  • Our Facebook Page is another way we utilize social media to advertise social and fundraising events as well as exhibit photos from our events.


  • Beautification: The annual flower sale was held on May 17th. We decided on a new supplier, what items we would offer, cost of items, and assignment of duties for each member. Pre-orders and day of sale realized a profit of $2600.00. We also donated $80.00 to the city of Palos Heights for the Adopt-a-Pot program.

  • Paver Bricks: Several years ago, PHWC had a gazebo built in one of our lovely parks. Throughout the years members and citizens have purchased brick pavers to surround the gazebo. This year, seven pavers were purchased for a total of $375.00. The pavers were engraved at a cost of $245.00. Net profit $130.00.

  • Resource Conservation: Many activities were addressed this year. At each of our monthly meetings, the members listed all the ways they have recycled. (The format was designed and presented by the director) Paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and electronics have been recycled. Members also recycled ink cartridges and batteries. Also, at the meetings and via our newsletters, many conservation activities were addressed. The chairperson looked for information to share with the members and did so often. She had many magazines that were no longer needed and brought them to the meetings for the members to take/recycle. As the year progressed other members also brought/shared their unwanted magazines. Note pads that were sent from various groups were also given to the members.


  • **NEW SCHOLARSHIP: MORAINE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE RETURNING WOMAN SCHOLARSHIP** GFWC has stated the objective is to ”assist in the goal to improve others through Higher Education”. The PHWC initiated a new scholarship in 2014 at Moraine Valley. The club presented a $1,000.00 scholarship to a woman returning to school to further her education with this new local partnership.
  • PHWC awarded Academic Scholarships in 2014. A $1,000.00 scholarship was presented to four high school seniors attending local high school districts #218 and #230.
  • Encouraging high school student participation in the areas of the Fine Arts, PHWC presented Fine Arts Scholarships to two high school students attending a summer theatre camp. Students must attend one of the local high schools.
  • One Illinois Leadership Seminar award of $175.00 was presented to a sophomore student at Shepard High School to attend a 3 day summer leadership workshop.
  • LITERACY/TUTORING PROGRAMS: PHWC members continue in a partnership with District #118 with a twelve (12) week Reading/Tutoring program with kindergarten and first grade students from February to April for 1.25 hours.
  • Encouraging lifelong reading is another goal of the PHWC. Members meet 4 times per year for a Book Review discussion with local authors and/or educators on a variety of topics of interest to the group.
  • BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION was initiated in 2014. While we have just started our participation in this program, we have collected 95 box tops worth $9.50 for school supplies.
  • LIBRARY ACTIVITIES: PHWC continues to actively support Library programs and activities. This year we donated 9 Memorial Books honoring deceased members or immediate family members. Club members are encouraged to save Campbell’s Soup labels for the library and Members donated 150 Campbell Soup Labels to help support Library programs. The Education Department features pertinent Library Activities in the monthly Newsletters to encourage members to take advantage of the many programs available and several club members serve as “Friends of the Library to assist at book sales and other library events.


  • The PHWC Health alerts members to events which pertain to Health issues, such as Cancer Relays for Life, Heart month, mammogram reminders, and fitness.
  • In August, PHWC Health volunteered to aid Heartland Center in their Blood Drive. Decorations and leis set the tropical theme.  Each donor received snacks, a t-shirt, and a $5.00 gift card to Subway.  The event collected 22 units of blood and, according to the supervisor was considered a success!  Blood donations inspire and give hope to those in need of all ages.
  • The Health Department of PHWC is in the process of establishing a committee called “Tender Loving Care”.  This committee will endeavor to meet the needs of members within PHWC that are in delicate, difficult, or unpredicted situations by offering transportation, companionship, and visits to shut-ins.
  • Car Pool – Health Department in conjunction with Membership is in the process of establishing a car pool system to assist members who are not comfortable driving at night by giving them a ride to the monthly club meetings and/or Club sponsored social and fund raising events.


  • Home Life takes its emphasis of Spiritual Values very seriously.  At every general meeting, a member shares an inspirational message which can motivate, encourage, and touch each of our hearts.
  • In April, cooking “Meals from the Heart” at Ronald McDonald House was our project.  Home Life provided the food, prepared it on-site, and served the families and staff.
  • Plan, practice, and perform were the steps involved in addressing the concerns of Senior Citizens.  A “Kitchen Band” was formed of eight members of the PHWC. The residents of Providence Care Center were the recipients of our endeavors and were very generous with their appreciation in terms of smiles, laughter, and applause.  They were also presented with forty Beanie Babies wrapped in colorful tissue paper as a remembrance of our performance. Three other Senior Care Centers were furnished with forty Beanie Babies each to use as Bingo or Bunco prizes to the delight of the Activities Directors.
  • The Palos Heights Police Department distributed free Bike Safety Helmets to the youth of Palos Heights and our Home Life group “stepped up” to aid in fitting the bike helmet to the child and giving them the “Rules for Safe Riding”.
  • A request for “gently-used” jewelry had been made earlier in the year from PHWC members.  In July, the jewelry was displayed at the Palos Heights Farmers’ Market and sold to people there.  A total of $164.
  • The Palos Heights Library was sponsoring a “Pajama Program” in association with Scholastic Books.  The Home Life Department purchased 15 pairs of warm pajamas (sizes 3 – 12) to be distributed, with a book, to children in need, many of whom are awaiting adoption.
  • The enthusiasm of Home Life was not yet finished for the year!  They busied themselves planning a “Purse Auction” for the November meeting.  A call was put out to members for new or “gently-used” purses with a surprise gift with a minimum value of $15.00 inside each purse.  A lovely brochure was designed to motivate and inform members of the requirements, date, etc. given out at the meeting in October.  Thirty-nine purses had been donated and resulted in acquiring $569.00 using the auction process.  This enabled a gift of $100.00 each to three local churches for needy families and $200.00 to the Worth Food Pantry.


  • In April we reached out internationally by having an Ethnic Night Buffet. Members participated by preparing an ethnic dish to share. The theme for our decorations and food covered many different countries and ethnicities.
  • A donation was made in the amount of $100 to Women to Women International. Through donations, this organization reaches out to assist women facing violence, marginalization and poverty resulting from war and conflict in conflict-affected counties such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.
  • 150 food items were collected for World Food Day and delivered to the Worth Food Pantry at the Methodist Church in Worth, Illinois. An additional cash donation of $200.00 was also given
  • With the Ebola outbreak so prominent in the news, International Department felt it important to take up a collection and thanks to the generosity of our members a check for $174.00 was sent to Doctors without Borders to be used where needed in dealing with this outbreak. We also donated an additional $100.00 to this worthy and caring organization.
  • Collected gently worn shoes for Share Your Soles, an organization distributing shoes to countries throughout the world to those in need. We were able to donate 54 pairs of shoes.
  • Throughout the year our Club collected food and sundry coupons for an organization called Troupons, a Support Our Troops program. A total of $8,500 worth of coupons was mailed. In additional the club donated $200.00 to Support our Troops providing comfort and care in appreciation for all they do for us.
  • At our annual Christmas Housewalk, WAR (Women at Risk International) participated as a vendor to sell handcrafted jewelry and gifts made and supporting the at-risk women they serve. WAR establishes circles of protection around at-risk women and their children and provides safe places to heal from abuse, trafficking and exploitation.


  • In March, the 2014-15 slate of officers was announced and the following month, voted into office by the general membership. Plans were already made for a lovely Installation Dinner, with flowers for the incoming officers and appreciation shown to those leaving office.  A great deal of forethought and planning resulted in a very enjoyable evening in May with 68 ladies.
  • Plans were made for a Membership Outreach Event in July.  Our committee visited venues in the area, researched costs, engaged entertainment, gathered information to be given to prospects, created handouts and prepared folders of printed matter to give each prospect.  Names received from the current membership were contacted by mail, by phone and a few, in person. Follow up letters and calls were delivered and fourteen prospective members were invited to the event as guests of the Club. The event was a resounding success with 14 prospects and 43 members enjoying dinner, piano accompaniment, welcome and information from our President and a warm reception from all attending. Seven of the guests elected to join the Club.
  • The installation of our seven new members was carried out with a candle lighting ceremony highlighting the mission and policy of the Club.  The new members were presented with flowers and welcomed with applause.  We then moved to the recognition of service of our ongoing members.  Eleven members were recognized for five years, one for 10 years, two for 15 years, one for 20 years, three for 25 years, one for 30 years, two for 35 years, two for 40 years and two for 45 years.  Twenty-five members received flowers, certificates, and gifts for their support and service to our Club!
  • During the summer my committee and I also worked on collecting and editing information for the 2014-15 directory along with the Yearbook Chair who was responsible for producing the book.  It is a joint effort with the Officers, Membership Committee and general membership. The yearbook  is every member’s guideline for the entire year as it contains our Club’s planned program calendar, fund-raising and charitable giving information, a list of officers, directors and committee members as well as the responsibilities of each position of authority, the constitution and by- laws of our Club and important reference information for the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


  • LAP ROBES FOR VETERANS. The GFWC supports Veterans Community Service Projects. Following this objective, the Public Issues Committee initiated a new club project, making much needed lap robes to be used by veterans. Eight knitted lap robes and four fleece lap robes were completed delivered to Hines Hospital.
  • MANTENO VETERANS HOME Sixty-five veterans most in need were selected by staff to receive a $5.00 gift. Thank You cards for veterans’ service were also written and sent with the donations.
  • MEMORIAL DAY AND VETERANS DAY. Members attended City Ceremonies honoring veterans on their dedicated holidays.
  • SUPPORT OUR TROOPS This organization sends care packages through the year to military personnel in combat zones. In need were peanut butter and jelly. Ten members donated 30 lbs. of food. One member supports the cause 2x/month with packing and shipping.
  • HONOR FLIGHT CHICAGO This organization, through private donations, honors and transports WWII veterans from Apr.-Oct. to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials. This is a new club project and, as such, phone contact was initiated by Public Issues Director to learn more about this cause and ways PHWC can participate.
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SUPPORT FOR VICTIMS: The GFWC supports projects for victims of domestic violence. Following this objective, the Public Issues Committee initiated two new projects: Thirty-six knitting caps and seven Linus Blankets were made and donated. One member made In-Kind donations of personal items for women living at the Crisis Center.
  • MAYOR-FOR-A-DAY: Students are invited to write a 300 word essay on what they would do to improve the City if they were Mayor. Twenty-four students participated with twelve students’ essays being selected. Winning students read their essays aloud at a community meeting and participated in a mock City Hall meeting by taking the part of elected officials.
  • SALVATION ARMY DONUT DAY: Members participated over two days collecting money for the cause; $726.84 was collected at 3 sites.
  • 4TH OF JULY COMMUNITY PARADE: Three members were involved with the City parade planning committee; twenty-nine other members rode in a trolley and several cars, dispersing candy to parade viewers.


Merry Memories Christmas Housewalk

Our annual Christmas Housewalk is the main fundraiser of the Club.  The event begins with a delicious brunch at a local country club, guests can shop at a boutique, purchase homemade cookies as well as raffle tickets for baskets and other prizes.  We then proceed with a tour of 5 lovely homes decorated for the holidays.  This fund raiser is dependent on participation from the entire club by either chairing or volunteering as a committee member, baking cookies, donating items for raffle baskets, soliciting gift certificates, placing flyers in shop windows or attending the event.   Preparations start in early summer when the Co-Chairs call a meeting to coordinate the sub chairs needed for each phase of the event.

5 homes are solicited and members volunteer to be guides at the homes. Floral arrangements were solicited from and donated by five local florists and given to each homeowner as a thank you for participating along with 2 complimentary tickets to the housewalk and a special thank you gift.  Road Signs are displayed and ribbons attached to mailboxes to assist guests in locating home.  

This year Palos Country Club was selected as the site for the brunch and boutique.  Guests enjoyed a hot brunch after which they mingled, shopped at the boutique which featured 25 vendors selling jewelry, purses, scarves, gourmet creations, cosmetics, homemade knit items, decorative home items, wreaths and Christmas decorations and purchased pre-packaged cookies made by the members of the Club.  24 themed gift baskets containing various items, gift cards or gift certificates were raffled off at the close of the brunch.  Other featured raffles included a “Win-Win” in which envelopes containing gift certificates and/or gift cards valued at $20 or more were available for purchase for $10.00 and a Mystery Wine Basket containing wrapped bottles of red or white wine available for $10.00 each.

This fundraising event was a major success and after all was said and done netted a profit of approximately $9,900.  These funds are used to fund scholarships and charitable organizations that our Club supports.



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